Shell Builders


Shell-only builds ensures the clients piece of mind, knowing that the structure is built quickly and to the required standards, whilst allowing the clients to have more influence, and save costs, on the internal fit-out, which tends to have fewer key critical path tasks.


Internal’ trades like plumbers and electricians (M&E) may need an input into external works (e.g. for services ducting), however, it’s key that the shell-only is discussed so that we are made aware of the requirements as part of the shell only build.


Shell-only builds can be bespoke arrangements, so ensure yours is tailored to your needs (for instance, including any interior structural work such as RSJs in a remodel / extension)


The truth is that in almost all cases, there is no black and white approach to this, many projects end up being a hybrid of different procurement routes with main contractors, builders and your own DIY management involved (often at the end when money is tight).


Generally, we would provide all resources to construct the superstructure / shell build as you define it. Certainly, if you head down this route we will endeavour to reassure you, in regards to understanding the scope and definitions of the works in terms of shell build, or even water and weathertight builds. At the pre-start stage, the contractor can incorporate your services and duct requirements, fixing grounds, etc., as long as he knows about them. Adding things in once the works have commenced is feasible, but remember, change costs money!


We will assist you with the planning right from the start of the project, and then give you control of the elements of the project of which you feel comfortable and able to manage. Usually the portion which is passed to us the contractor is the drainage, foundations and main structure, universally referred to as the ‘shell build’.


In the world of residential construction, it is becoming more common for a self-builder or renovator to engage a contractor to construct the shell of the house to a water and weathertight stage under one contract. The follow-on works are then procured directly as trade packages, or on labour and material basis, through to completion. This hybrid procurement gives a level of control and hands-on involvement to you the clients of which is desirable in a project in which you’ll end up living, while giving the peace of mind of the experienced us the main contractor having responsibility for setting out, preparing and building the main structural and waterproof elements of the build. It also gives the security of recourse if there are problems with the main structure and/or on site.


Impact on the Design Process


By far the most sensible approach for anyone looking to build in these two distinct phases is to treat the design development stage as though it were one contract initially.


Namely that the architect, structural engineer, services designer and interior designer and you the client are all working together to ensure the designs have no conflicts, all the services fit in the correct places, ducts are correct, and so on.


As a client project manager and lead designer on your own project, you need to have this process at the front of your mind when developing and procuring the works. Splitting the works into packages should not be used as a way of putting off design and coordination decisions; these need considering at the start of the process before splitting the works. Remember, the point to this process is to eliminate the need for assumption!


Cost Savings


Cost savings can be significant. On average the interior works (including heating and electrics) account for around 40–60% of the total spend (it depends on many things of course) and management of this element would be in the region of 10–20% on top of the labour and materials cost. However, the key to savings is in making sure the gaps and loopholes discussed about above don’t creep in.


Here at SP CRANSTONE we pride ourselves on having an extremely wide skill set - Incorporating all the necessary qualifications to offer our clients the opportunity of our “One Stop Shop” service.

You will hear our experience in the detail we discuss with you right from the outset – that first call you make for advice… we will listen and explain how we can proceed with your project.  Clarity is of the upmost importance at this first stage.

  • Structural design / Alterations
  • Steel work Fabrication
  • Architects Drawings
  • Steel work Design
  • Steel work Fabrication
  • Brickwork
  • Blockwork
  • Roof work
  • Glazing
  • Screeding
  • Plastering
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Lighting Design
  • Painting / Decorating
  • Tiling
  • Kitchen Design / Fitting
  • Bathroom Design / Fitting
  • Flooring

Sourcing products, developing ideas and giving you a choice about ways forward is all part of the ONE STOP SHOP.

Timelines will be designed and schedules met, communicating with you at every step of the way.

Here’s how we can help…


SP CRANSTONE work closely and in conjunction with extremely reputable structural engineers and architects – One Stop Shop allows you to access these services. We will help you achieve the very best from the ideas you have and the space you are looking to change. Home extensions, modifications and reconfigurations inside your existing home invariably need some kind of planning or structural guidance and we will be happy to assist you from the pre planning application to final certifications.


The right advice at the beginning ensures your project runs smoothly and achieves the results of your vision.

On a one Stop Shop scheme we will provide management as required
over the course of your project for:-

If the ONE STOP SHOP sounds like it’s more in line with your needs Please drop us a line!

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